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Employment and Graduate Assistantships

At Ball State, we offer approximately 900 graduate assistant jobs to new and continuing students each year. If you want to gain important teaching, administrative, or research experience and take up to 15 hours each semester (12 during the summer), you should apply for a graduate assistantship through your academic department. Some programs may have lower enrollment limit requirements for assistants, so check with your department. For more information, review our list of frequently asked questions and checklist for graduate assistants.

You are eligible for a position as long as you are in good academic standing, and you are enrolled in at least 6 graduate hours per semester. Some departments have additional requirements, and application deadlines also vary by department. 

Full-time graduate assistants work 20 hours a week and receive a waiver of a portion of tuition and a stipend determined by the department, along with bookstore discounts and other perks. Half-time assistants work 10 hours a week and receive a waiver of half of their tuition costs and a stipend.

You can review the Guidelines and Information for Ball State University Graduate and Doctoral Assistantships.

You can also download an informational brochure (PDF) describing graduate assistantships at Ball State University.

If you have a spouse who is interested in part-time or full-time employment, he or she can peruse the university's job postings.

New graduate assistants should join us for our online training program, register now.