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Our initial connection to history is sparked by reading an exciting book, hearing an inspiring teacher, watching a gripping documentary, or walking a Civil War battlefield. As our curiosity leads us to analyze the past in greater depth, we discover that history is important in a more profound sense.

History provides our best source of information about how people and societies behave. At Ball State, you will learn to analyze how and why human values, ideas, and actions change through time; evaluate conflicting interpretations of events; and communicate ideas effectively. The study of history is important because it helps us to understand change and, in particular, the evolution of our own society.

You will find a history major challenging yet rewarding. Our programs of study are designed to make you think beyond what you already know, and you will be rewarded by getting that first career opportunity or acceptance letter into a Master of Arts in History program.

In addition, our students can see historically important places up close when they take advantage of study abroad and field study opportunities. You also will gain hands-on experience through an internship if you are a public history major

And you will have the opportunity to participate in immersive learning experiences, where students find real-world solutions for real-world problems. Our many student organizations will help you meet friends and professionals in the field. Finding study partners will be easy, as our class sizes are small and our professors are accessible.

Once you leave Ball State, you will join the ranks of alumni who learned how to use their knowledge of history and their skills in analysis and interpretation to develop a sense of historical perspective, assess current events and contemporary debates, and become thoughtful and informed citizens.

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