You may apply for admission to the Honors College in one of the following ways:

  • In the online university application for admission to Ball State, indicate your interest in the Honors College by selecting “Yes” to the question, “Do you wish to apply for admission to the Honors College?” 
  • If you’ve already applied for admission to the university, you may print out, complete, and submit the Honors College application (PDF) separately to Ball State’s Office of Admissions.

Honors College admission closes May 1. This is not an application deadline: it means that once you have applied and been admitted to the Honors College, you must confirm your enrollment to Ball State (enrollment deposit) no later than May 1. If you’re applying to the Honors College later than April 15, we advise you to contact us directly to ensure that your application is considered on time.

Admission Requirements
Admissions to the Honors College is based on academic achievement and potential.  High school students earning an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma or completing an advanced college preparatory curriculum in another state are encouraged to apply for the Honors College.  Transfer students are also welcome to apply to the Honors College using the Honors College application (PDF).  Your Honors College application will be reviewed after you are admitted to the university.  Admission requirements are listed at

Current BSU students
If you are already a student at Ball State, complete and submit the Honors College application (PDF) directly to the Honors College at The most effective timing for this process is during your first, second, or third semester at Ball State.

The Honors College has a competitive, rolling admission review process.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.  The following deadlines ae for students starting in the fall semester.  The priority deadline for fullest consideration is November 15.

The Dean of the Honors College will notify students of their admission to the program about three weeks after receiving complete application materials.  Students who apply after April 15, should contact the Honors College directly to ensure timely review.  In order to secure your place in the Honors College, you must confirm your enrollment at Ball State by May 1.

University Admission 
Ball State practices rolling admission, which means your application to the university will be reviewed and an admission decision made once all of your credentials are received. Admission to a particular semester may depend on available space and the date of your application. Learn more about applying for admission to Ball State.

International Students
If you are not a U.S. resident, please see our international admissions area for application information and guidelines.

Visit Us
We invite you and your family to schedule a campus visit soon to learn more about the Honors College experience firsthand.