The information problem—effective storytelling across the wide range of ever-changing communication platforms—is one of the greatest challenges in today’s emerging media environment. With Ball State’s master of arts in emerging media design and development, you’ll learn how to plan, develop, deploy, and test communication designs and storytelling across digital platforms. You’ll graduate as a highly-trained professional in the high-demand fields of journalism, public relations, advertising, healthcare, corporate business, education, and more. This degree is also an excellent prerequisite for doctoral studies.

What You Will Learn

By the time you complete your master's degree, you will know how to:

  • engage audiences in two-way storytelling
  • create multimedia stories built for strategic communication
  • work with real-world clients to develop compelling stories and content
  • deploy emerging technology to support storytelling and design

Options for Completing the Program

We offer our classes in the evening to accommodate our students' personal and professional schedules.

The program typically takes two years to complete, which you may do in one of three ways, depending on how many classes you'd like to take at a time:

  • full-time: three classes each in the fall and spring semesters for two years, offered on Ball State's campus
  • part-time: two classes each in the fall, spring, and summer semesters for two years, offered on Ball State's campus
  • low-residency: for working professionals, you'll attend a once-per-semester workshop at the Center for Academic Innovation at Launch Fishers; the remainder of the coursework can be completed online

Program Requirements

Students working togetherOur master's degree in EMDD emphasizes a hands-on approach through two labs in the Department of Journalism—Creative Projects and Applied Research—where you’ll research and develop real-world solutions in strategic communication design and digital storytelling for corporations, nonprofits, state agencies, and other partners. You'll earn half the credits for this degree through standard classwork while you'll earn the other half through project work for clients.

Total Credits



A few of the classes you will take include:

  • Usability and Evaluation Research Methods
  • Visual Communication and Design Thinking
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Theories and Frameworks in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Nonlinear Storytelling

For a complete list of all the courses, their descriptions, and additional program requirements, consult our Course Catalog.

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Certificate in Emerging Media and Visual Storytelling

Not quite sure whether you're ready for a full master's degree program? Consider beginning with our graduate certificate in emerging media and visual storytelling. The five-course program will give you a foundation in this field, and you can apply the credits you earn to our master's degree in EMDD. Learn more.

Paying for Your Education

Department Graduate Assistantships

If you life in the Muncie area, a graduate assistantship is an excellent opportunity to gain meaningful professional experience while helping cover the costs of your degree. Learn more.

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