In Ball State’s journalism department, you’ll find our faculty are a large, inclusive group with both traditionally trained educators and former journalism and strategic communications professionals. While our faculty represent a broad spectrum of expertise, with diverse points of views and approaches, they all share the same goal: to give each student the finest journalism education possible.

Theory and application, in perfect balance.

Our faculty understand the interdependence between theory and application. One informs the other, and neither is sufficient on its own. This is why we focus on immersive learning, unified media, and student opportunities as integrated parts of your education.

We focus on mentoring and advising you.

With our faculty, you’ll get a well-rounded education that leaves no relevant topic uncovered and no perspective unexplored. More importantly, our faculty focus on you. Whether they’re advising your work with a student media outlet or agency, or they’re working with you on an immersive learning project, you will have plenty of interaction with our professors.  

Interested in learning more? 

To learn more about Ball State’s journalism faculty—and to get contact information for each faculty member—visit our faculty directory.

Interested in meeting our faculty face-to-face? Come for a campus visit, or attend one of our summer workshops.