Interested in learning more about a subject, either within or outside your field of study? Want to be recognized as an expert on that subject? If so, an undergraduate certificate or license program could be right for you.

At Ball State, our undergraduate certificate programs provide students and professionals a convenient way to complement their knowledge base with expertise in a specialized area. Typically, a certificate program requires 15 to 18 hours of course work.

By earning a certificate, you not only achieve expanded expertise—you also earn an important credential that could prove invaluable in your professional endeavors.

Which undergraduate certificate is right for you?

  • Visual Presentation Certificate: If you are an undergraduate advertising or public relations major looking to supplement your studies with a relevant and valued skill set, this certificate could be for you.
  • Journalism Education License Addition: If you are teacher looking to add journalism to your teaching portfolio, this certificate provides the relevant course work in journalistic storytelling, reporting, multimedia content creation, and legal and ethical issues.