If you keep up with the news, you see “public relations” or “PR” every day. But what is “public relations”? Public relations is about strategic communication and managing relationships between brands and their audiences.

In other words, when you read the latest news about Peyton Manning or Brad Pitt, a public relations professional was writing the stories and protecting the image and reputation of these celebrities. When you see a spokesperson on television talking about the release of the latest Cadillac or Jaguar, yes, that is also the work of a public relations professional. And when there is a campaign or event surrounding a government official, behind the scenes are PR experts making sure that everything is flawlessly executed.

Sound like exciting and important work? It is. And if you have the energy to keep up with the busy but rewarding world of public relations, then Ball State’s nationally recognized, public relations program, accredited by the Public Relations Society of America is the perfect place for you.

Get a multifaceted education.

At Ball State, you’ll learn how to shape a narrative that gets the desired results for your clients. You’ll learn how to:

  • manage social media campaigns
  • write and deliver press releases
  • arrange photo shoots
  • organize and manage public events
  • handle crisis communications
  • interview on radio, television, or the web
  • promote arts or sports
  • manage a brand portfolio

This education will come not only through classes but also through our student opportunities.

Join our chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and get plugged into powerful networking and learning opportunities.

Our student public relations agency, Cardinal Communications, will let you experience the fast pace of the job firsthand in the Holden Strategic Communications Center, Ball State’s cutting-edge home for student strategic communication agencies.

Watch a video about Unified Media Our Unified Media Lab, provides a place where you can try your hand at newspaper, magazine, video and social media journalism—all of which are key to the practice of public relations.

Take the next step.

Every business, charity, government agency, musician, artist, sports team, or university can benefit from a public relations expert. Ready to take your first step to a successful PR career? Visit our campus to see our facilities and meet our professors and current students. Don’t wait. Schedule your visit today.