Mission Statement: As a leader in professional preparation and scientific inquiry, the School of Kinesiology will provide high-quality educational experiences for our students, contribute to the scholarly advancement of our academic disciplines, and serve our professional societies and the community-at-large.

Vision: The School of Kinesiology at Ball State University will be a positive, energized, and collaborative work environment, with distinctive programs sharing important values such as commitment to academic rigor, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and lifelong learning. Core content will emphasize how physical activity enhances health and well-being throughout the life span. Experiential learning will develop professional behaviors expected in real-world employment situations.  Faculty scholarship will attain national and international recognition for excellence, and will inform class content.  Faculty will engage in leadership within their disciplines, and with their students, to promote healthier communities in Indiana and beyond.

Across the Ball State campus, students gain from a healthy blend of academic knowledge and practical application of that knowledge. The School of Kinesiology is no exception.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, while also furthering the respective disciplines through scholarly activity. We strive to serve the university, the profession, and the community. With our practical and immersive focus, we embody the Ball State’s strategic plan.

We are part of the College of Health, which delivers practical education to students in seven degree tracks in counseling psychology, health science, kinesiology, nutrition/dietetics, nursing, speech pathology and audiology, and social work.

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