Ball State's aquatics program offers the most comprehensive aquatics degree in the country. You will take courses in facilities management, pool operation, and facilities design and gain an outstanding knowledge of aquatics. Several courses include certifications in aquatics, lifesaving, scuba, and other areas.

Aquatics Program:

Curriculum: 59 credit hours, 120 credit hours total required to graduate.

Core Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • AQUA 190 - Introduction to Aquatics An introduction to such topics as career opportunities, industry trends, and industry practice. Aquatics concepts, theory, and publications will be discussed. Aquatic related terminology, research, and fundamentals to aquatic oversight are studied. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 479 - Aquatics Internship Full-time work and learning practical experience on- or off-campus in an aquatic-related setting. Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator. Open only to aquatic degree students. 12.000 Credit hours

Required Courses (34 hours)

  • AQUA 216 - Lifeguard Training Teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified lifeguard. Includes CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT Training. Advanced topics include techniques for open water and surf rescue. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of intermediate swimming skills test. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 260 - Emergency/Medical Responder Provides knowledge and experiences in Emergency Medical Responder skills. Instruction includes training in assessment, CPR, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillation, Oxygen administration, and other advanced care. This is not a state-sanctioned Emergency Medical Responder course. 3.000 Credit hours
  • EXSC 292 - Anatomy Introduction to human anatomy. Provides basic knowledge upon which physiological biomechanical concepts can be built. 3.000 Credit hours
  • EXSC 294 - Anatomical Kinesiology Introduction to human anatomy. Provides basic knowledge upon which physiological biomechanical concepts can be built. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 313 - Biomechanics of Aquatics Provides an opportunity to observe, participate, experiment with, and apply biomechanical principles in swimming. Students will be able to observe and evaluate competitive swimming, competitive diving, recreational swimming, and therapeutic exercise. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 315 - Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Swimming and rescue skills necessary to complete certification for a Water Safety Instructor program. Emphasizes a broad range of other aquatic experiences and teaching methodologies. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of swimming test. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 316 - Aquatic Fitness Instructor Introduction to the objectives, format, and water exercise classes, emphasizing participation and application of fitness and related concepts to selected water aerobic activities. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of swimming test the first week of class. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 404 - Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) Trains students to be Lifeguard Instructors. Training includes LG, CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT skills. Advanced topics include open water and surf techniques. Certification available upon successful completion. Optional certification fee. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 454 - Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance Provides information on pool circulation, filtration, sanitation, and administrative procedures for the pool operator or aquatics specialist. Opportunity to earn operation credentials with successful completion. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 455 - Aquatic Facilities Management Study of organization and administration to prepare the aquatic professional for management of indoor and outdoor facilities. Includes facility inspection, safety and sanitation procedures, and activity, sport, and recreational aspects of pools, lakes, camps, and beach fronts. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 457 - Aquatic Facility Design A study in swimming pools, their design, and utilization. Includes lighting, basin design, and deck construction for commercial pools. No previous architecture experience required. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 458 - Aquatic Leadership and Staff Development Provides information to become an effective leader. Aquatic facility financial management is discussed in depth, as accounting principles apply to aquatic facilities. Certification for aquatic leadership is available if the student meets the required qualifications. Optional certification fee. 3.000 Credit hours

Directed Electives (Select 10 credit hours)

  • AQUA 120 - Aquatics Special Topics/Workshop Designed to consider a variety of different issues, problems, and skills in aquatics. Offerings have included but are not limited to: special water rescue, SCUBA archeology, underwater navigation, search and recovery, introduction to cave diving, technical SCUBA diving, and first responder instructor. A total of 6 hours of credit may be earned, but no more than 3 in any one semester or term. 1.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 212 - Aquatic Recreation Activities Provides entry-level knowledge and skill practice in canoe, kayak, sailing, water polo, and synchronized swimming. Students learn the basics in each of these areas including nomenclature, rules and regulations as appropriate for the content area. Students with entry-level swimming skills are welcome. Lab fee required. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 219 - Aquatic Sports Officiating An introduction to the theory and practice of officiating swimming and springboard diving. 1.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 220 - Open Water Scuba Beginning scuba composed of lecture sessions, confined water (pool), and open water sessions. Provides a level of understanding to participate in skin and scuba diving activities safely. Special fee required. Prerequisite: successful completion of entry-level skills test. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 221 - Advanced SCUBA Diver Series of open water dives and lectures on advanced diving and lifesaving subjects. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: AQUA 220 or basic level certification with permission of the instructor. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 224 - Divemaster Provides knowledge and practical experience needed to lead scuba activities. Includes experience in classroom, pool, and open water activities. Prerequisite: AQUA 221 or permission of the program coordinator. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 225 - Assistant Scuba Instructor Provides experience and knowledge necessary to teach scuba diving. The student works with and under the guidance of a SCUBA instructor Trainer. Includes experience in classroom, pool, and open water activities. Prerequisite: AQUA 224; permission of the program coordinator. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 301 - Instructor of CPR and First Aid Emphasizes teaching methodologies and delivery of nationally recognized programs in first aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens. Instructor certification available. Prerequisite: current basic level first aid and CPR certification. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 314 - Teaching and Coaching Swimming Focuses on the application of skills, tactics, and strategies of competitive swimming and diving. Includes entry level to advanced knowledge concepts and skills. Competitive swimming and diving experience is not needed. Skill sessions take into account the student's individual willingness and abilities. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 456 - Camp Waterfront Administration A study in camp specific programming, waterfront safety, design, and administration. 2.000 Credit hours

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