A bachelor's degree in accounting requires completion of 120 credits divided into four groups of courses:

  • The first group is the University Core Curriculum, which all undergraduate students must take. Students typically spend their freshman year completing many of these courses. 
  • Second is the set of foundation courses that all undergraduate business students must take.  Many of these are commonly scheduled during the sophomore year, along with more courses from the core curriculum. 
  • The third set includes 27 credits of specialized accounting course work. Students typically spend their junior year starting on accounting courses and completing their common business courses. 
  • Finally, students are allowed to choose from general electives to round out their requirement for a bachelor’s degree. The senior year is typically spent completing the accounting major and taking general elective courses.

You'll start out as a pre-business major and later apply to the accounting program or other major in the Miller College of Business.

As a junior or senior, you’ll take courses such as:

For additional information, check the Ball State Undergraduate Catalog.