You can step into an exciting and lucrative accounting career by way of many business schools. So why choose the Miller College of Business at Ball State? For starters, our classes are small, even at the undergraduate level, and they’re taught primarily by faculty, who have earned doctorates and are very much student-oriented. Here are more reasons:

Immersive and experiential learning—Your learning at Ball State takes place beyond the classroom. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning, including internships. And you can be part of an interdisciplinary team finding real-world solutions to real-world problems for a community of business partner.

Connections for freshmen—This program helps incoming students connect with like-minded peers, including other business students and residence hall neighbors, for classes and special events.

Success after graduation—Face it: you want a great college experience, but you also want a great job. Ball State has solid connections with lots of accounting employers, many of which regularly recruit on-campus.

Broad-based education—You’ll learn all you need to know about accounting, but you’ll also graduate with knowledge of economics, business law, finance, management, marketing, operations, and information systems. And that’s just the beginning.

Easy to move up—You may be ready for graduate studies right away or maybe you think that sometime down the road would be better. Either way, our undergraduate program flows seamlessly into graduate studies.