Some people just look for jobs; others look for what’s behind those jobs. The human element of organizations is what makes these people tick, what sets them apart, and what really determines success. 

There’s no bigger influence on an organization than who wants to work there, how long they stay, and how they act while on the job. It’s all about human resource (HR) management, one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding careers

HR plays a pivotal role in society and business, from compensation, benefits, career development, employee effectiveness, training, legal issues, and hiring to retention programs and active involvement in shaping corporate strategy and policy.

Recognized for excellence by the Society for Human Resource Management, our human resource management major is one of only two such university programs in Indiana. Learn more about why you should study HR at Ball State.

Courses You Will Take

The human resource management undergraduate major consists of at least 120 credits divided into four groups of courses:

  • the University Core Curriculum
  • a set of 14 undergraduate business foundation courses: 42 credit hours
  • specialized human resource management course work—including five core departmental courses totaling 15 hours plus 12 hours chosen from a list comprising various disciplines: 27 credit hours
  • general electives to round out your degree

You can find complete details about program requirements in the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog

See a sample schedule.