Choose this major to receive preparation for an exciting career in international business. In addition, this major is an excellent foundation for a master of business administration (MBA).

You’ll need 120 hours total (see all the requirements for bachelor's degrees and the University Core Curriculum), including the concentration areas. 

You can look up complete course descriptions in the undergraduate catalog. In addition to the Miller College of Business core requirements, you'll also take required courses for the international business major.


  • INTBA 265 – Introduction to International Business
  • FIN 352 – International Finance 
  • MGT 301 – International Management
  • MKG 470 – International Marketing 
  • INTBA 490 – Seminar in International Business Decisions
  • ECON 351 – International Economics 
  • Choice of INTBA 300 – International Field Study or INTBA 369 – International Internship

In addition, you will choose a specialization within the international business major. For example, if you specialize in human resource management, you will also take the following three courses:

  • MGT 361 – Managing Human Resources
  • MGT 363 – Employee Development 
  • MGT 465 – Human Resources Planning and Selection

If you want to specialize in marketing instead, you’ll select courses from marketing. For a complete list of available specialties, please see the undergraduate catalog.