The minor in fashion provides students with the opportunity to select a focus in various aspects of interest in the fashion industry. The minor complements various other fields so that students in areas such as marketing, management, finance, journalism, art, advertising, communication, or theatre may expand their career opportunities.

Minor in Fashion, 18 hours

 PREFIX       NO        SHORT TITLE           CR HRS
 FCSFA  101  Dim Clothing  3
   230  Tex Apparel  3
   270  Fashion Indy  3
   365  Designers  3
 6 hours from  
 FCSFA  265  Fash Illust (3)  
   345  Vis Mer (3)  
   360  Hist Costume (3)  
   481  Fash Promo (3)  6
       18 hrs

Students should take CHEM 100 for University Core Curriculum to satisfy the prerequisite for FCSMR 230.

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