German Minor, 23 hours

GER 101 - Beginning German

GER 102 - Beginning German 2
Prerequisite GER 101 

GER 201 - Intermediate German 1
Prerequisite GER 102
Study of more advanced vocabulary and structure needed for communication in German. Prerequisite: GER 102 or its equivalent.

GER 202 - Intermediate German 2
Prerequisite GER 201
Reading of representative German authors of moderate difficulty. Review of grammar needed for reading and writing German. Prerequisite: GER 201 or its equivalent.

GER 301 - Conversation
Extensive practice in oral German and in German grammar to increase fluency and communicative skills in the language. Prerequisite: two years of college German or the equivalent or permission of the department chairperson.

GER 302 - Composition
Extensive practice in written German with review of grammatical structure of the language. Prerequisite: GER 301 or permission of the department chairperson.

3 hours from 300 and 400 level GER courses