Music Media Production Studios

Ball State University's music media production program moved into the new Music Instruction Building in August 2004. The new facility has 11 state-of-the-art studios dedicated to computer music, composition, and recording technology, providing a remarkable range of choices for capturing true-to-life digital sound.

This facility's marvelous physical spaces and sophisticated array of top-flight equipment have placed Ball State's music technology program in the national spotlight, not only in the educational world but also in the professional world of audio recording. These new studios will allow this program to fully realize its educational goals, focusing on digital audio recording, music technology research, computer music, and composition.

Music Technology Studio 1Two large recording studios with control rooms equipped with AVID's flagship ICON control surface allow students to work with the most advanced technology available. Smaller workstation rooms surrounding the recording studios give students a setting for introductory work in recording plus private work areas for computer music composition.

The media lab with a total of 11 computers offer space to students working in the music production and computer music classes and provide a welcome expansion of access as an increasing amount of audio technology work takes place within software domains.

Other features of the new facility include a critical-listening room to allow students to audition their work outside of typical recording studio environments.