The Ball State doctorate of nursing practice program is made up of the following course requirements:

  • A minimum of 90 post-baccalaureate credit hours is required to obtain a doctoral degree at Ball State.
  • Credit hours from a master's degree in nursing program may apply towards the 90 post-baccalaureate credit hours.
  • A minimum of 40 of those required 90 hours must be completed at Ball State.
  • The DNP Program’s required courses constitute 38 credit hours.
  • Online elective courses are available for students who need additional credit hours to obtain the minimum 90 post-baccalaureate credit hours or 40 hours required to be completed at Ball State.
  • A list of graduate-level online courses that may be used as electives offered through the School of Nursing, Educational Psychology, Adult and Community Education, Economics, and other academic departments will be provided to you to help you customize your plan of study to areas that match your career interests and goals most.
  • A miniumum of 1,000 clinical hours

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