At a time when government funding and philanthropic dollars are disappearing, nonprofits say they still plan to grow their services. So says the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization based in the nation’s capital, which contends that nonprofits will need highly skilled professionals to guide them through uncertain times.

This need in the nonprofit sector—and Ball State’s 60-year history in community education—give us good reason to offer a new graduate certificate in community education. Whether you are employed or volunteering in the nonprofit sector, or are a graduate student in a related program, this credential can provide you with the skills needed for designing, implementing, and evaluating community programs.  

Targeted to non-traditional students, typically 25 or older, the community education graduate certificate is an option for the individual searching for professional development, job promotion, or skills development for a career change.  

The graduate certificate consists of 15 credits.  

Mode of Delivery

You can pursue the program on campus, off campus at Ball State locations in Indianapolis or Fishers, or a blend of on-campus and online courses. By taking the right courses, you can complete the program fully online.  

Academic Advisor

Ruby Cain, Assistant Professor
Advisor of Adult and Community Education  

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