The 15-credit-hour response to intervention graduate certificate gives you the expertise to implement the latest and best practices in special education for determining the ideal instructional methods and placement for a child. The certificate can be incorporated into a master’s program in special education. It’s a good choice if you have a teaching license in elementary, secondary, or special education.

The certificate consists of a core of three courses and the flexibility of choosing two courses from another area such as reading or behavioral methods.

Please note that the response to intervention graduate certificate does not lead to a teaching license. Graduate certificates will not accept transfer credits.

Required Courses (9 credit hours)

  • SPCE 606: RTI: Seminar in the Basics (3 credits hours)
  • SPCE 607: RTI: Tracking Student Progress (3 credits hours)
  • EDEL 655: Principles of Differentiation in the Elementary Classroom (3 credits hours)

Courses in Your Specialty (6 credits hours)
You will take two additional courses in your area of chosen specialty (such as reading, math, autism, gifted, school psychology, science).  Your academic advisor will be able to help you choose from available options and Ball State offers many options to fit your needs.