If you currently hold or are working on a master’s degree, you can become licensed as a director of exceptional needs. This program prepares candidates to be knowledgeable in the areas of finance, law, and administration of special education programs and leads to Indiana licensure. Out-of-state residents should discuss requirements with your state’s board of education prior to beginning this program. Completion of this program does not ensure licensure in other states.    

At the completion of this program, the following items along with the required course work must be completed prior to applying for this license:

  • Master’s degree completed (this program or a program taken elsewhere).

Note: If you wish to complete this program as a master’s degree and a licensing program combined, you must meet all criteria for a master’s and be accepted through the special education department and our Graduate School. Completion of the courses below will not guarantee a master’s degree will be granted, unless you have been accepted into the master’s degree program.

  • Two years of teaching experience in special education at an accredited school or schools. This must be verified in the form of a letter by your employing school system and submitted to our office prior to or at the time of application for this license.
  • CPR, AED, Heimlich maneuver, and suicide prevention training
  • Any additional requirements as outlined in Indiana’s current licensure law (REPA).

If you are interested in pursuing this license, explore the letter, program sheet or presentation. Before you begin, you will need to contact Mary Hess, licensing coordinator in the Office of Teacher Education Services (OTES), for a licensure evaluation. For additional information, please contact Bonnie Krupa

Mode of Delivery

This program is offered online.

Academic Advisor 

Bonnie Krupa 
Department of Special Education

Take the Next Steps

Learn more about how to apply and our admissions requirements and the program's curriculum. If you are curious about transferring credits from another institution, contact one of the academic advisors listed above.