Advancing your interior design career goals with a master's degree from Ball State offers many benefits to you:

  • Flexible Scheduling—By having a program that is offered online, you will be able to incorporate this degree easily into your life. Not only will you be able to maintain your current job, you will be able to live and work from your current home and will not face the need to travel. Or, if you prefer on-campus options, you can do all or part of your course work on our Muncie, Indiana, campus.
  • Superior Quality—Our faculty provide a multidisciplinary approach to teaching. Their combined experience in research, project design and development, technological training, and teaching creates a strong foundation of knowledge that provides students with an array of support and guidance to help them advance into the future.
  • Socially Responsible Curriculum—Today's interior designers need to know more than just how to make a room look good; they need to have a full scope of understanding about environmentally friendly design and universal design, which means the space is usable for a wide variety of people, even those with physical limitations. Ball State excels in this area with studio classes teaching sustainability and universal design.
  • Economical—By having a program that is offered online, you save an exceptional amount of money. By not having to pay for the use of running the class in a facility and paying for an on-site instructor, you will pay a tuition that is far smaller than most on-site programs. Plus, we offer many financial aid options. Learn more about tuition and financial aid for our online students.
  • Technologically Advanced—Ball State is known for its superior use of technology and has a long history of providing quality online degrees. Our online courses are interactive and our course management system is easy to use. You will also have easy access to technical support through our HelpDesk.
  • Accreditation—Our graduate program was approved in 2009 as a result of the success of our undergraduate program, which is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Of the approximately 500 interior design programs in the United States, only about 150 have accreditation.
  • Small Class Sizes—Our professors have time to work with you one on one because our average class size for on-campus courses is 15 while online classes have an average of eight students.