Minor Requirements

Faculty advisors will work with students currently enrolled in the minor to assist them with course selection and DegreeWorks exceptions as they progress toward completion of their degrees.

Minor in Religious Studies, 18 hours

Select one of the following:

RELS 110 World Religions

RELS 160 Religion in Culture

Select one of the following:

RELS 201 Religion and Popular Culture

RELS 206 Sex and the Bible

RELS 210 Religion, Morality, and Public Debate

Select one of the following:

RELS 275 Islam

RELS 285 Religious Diversity in the United States

RELS 290 Hinduism

RELS 390 Buddhism

Select two of the following:

RELS 208 The Qur'an

RELS 250 Biblical Interpretation

RELS 375 Paul's Letters

RELS 380 Religion, Nonviolence, and War

RELS 400 Immersive or Experiential Learning

RELS 403 Independent Study

RELS 450 Themes in the Study of Religion

Select one more course from RELS (or from the following list):

ANTH 331 Native Americans of North America

ANTH 451 Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion

HIST 423 Topics in Religious History

HIST 491 Topics in Middle Eastern History

MLC 205 Mythologies of the World

MLC 305 Classical Myth and Theory

PHIL 210 Philosophy of Religion

SOC 227 Spirituality, Self, and Society

SOC 427 Sociology of Religions