Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Physical Therapy Program The following courses are recommended or suggested for students who plan to complete a physical therapy program at another institution. Contact the institution you plan to attend for additional requirements or admissions procedures.

The Pre-Physical Therapy program at Ball State University is not a major or degree program. Students wishing to complete a Physical Therapy degree must complete a 4-year degree (any major) and complete all pre-requisites for the P.T. School of choice.

To learn more about being a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant, visit the American Physical Therapy Association.

For more information about the pre-physical therapy recommended course of study, contact Tonya R. Skalon at 765-285-1455.

Recommended Courses
*+ CHEM 111 - General Chemistry 1
+  CHEM 112 - General Chemistry 2
+  PHYCS 110 - General Physics 1
PHYCS 112 - General Physics 2
*   COMM 210 - Fundamentals of Public Communication
*+ PSYSC 100 - General Psychology
+  ANAT 201 - Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
+  PHYSL 215 - Human Physiology 
    PSYSC 321 - Developmental Psychology
SOC 100 - Principles of Sociology

* Fulfills (UCC) University Core Curriculum
+ Fulfills EXSCI requirement

Other Prerequisites
NUR 101 - Terminology for Healthcare Professionals & Consumers
PHIL 100 - Intro to Philosophy

MATH 181 or PSYSC 241 (STATS) -> recommends taking PSYSC 241 because MATH 181 has pre-requisite of MATH 108

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