If you are interested in a political science degree, then check out some of the reasons Ball State is the first choice for many students.

  • Dynamic faculty—Involvement in the community as well as research keep our faculty on top of what is happening at the local, state, national and even global level. This participation means you are learning the long-accepted and foundational theories in addition to current and developing philosophies from professors who are experts in their fields. Their expertise coupled with their commitment to student instruction translates to top-notch faculty.
  • Real-world experience—Immersive learning is a university-wide initiative that promises you experience working with real-world partners to solve real-world problems with students from other disciplines before you ever leave campus. In addition, our excellent internship program gives you the practical experience that will give you a competitive edge in the job market and allows you to explore career options.
  • Study-abroad programs—The opportunity to study abroad is also a great way to gain real–world experience while exploring intercultural issues. You can also expect to meet new people and create lasting memories while studying in another country.
  • Graduate placement—We consider your degree a complete success only if we help you reach your next level, whether that is a graduate program or a job on your career path.  We have a pre-law designation that is geared toward students who plan on going to law school. You will  take necessary courses that will help you become successful in any law program.