Many social workers choose an area of specialization. Some choose to work in the juvenile and adult justice systems, work with victims of domestic abuse, or work with children and families. If working with children and families might be of interest to you, our Child Welfare Training Program is a great option to help you get started.

Child welfare is an exciting and challenging career. It is fast-paced, provides new opportunities daily, and allows you to learn quickly about the skills and resources needed by social workers.

The program is offered by the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) and Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) through Ball State, Indiana State University, IUPUI, Indiana University, IU-East, and University of Southern Indiana. The goal of the program is to recruit and retain qualified employees.

This program provides students with the opportunity to learn in-depth course content about child welfare and practice working with children and families while having the support of the DCS staff and social work professionals. In addition, if you are selected, you will be able to attend your senior year tuition-free, and you will receive a stipend to cover additional expenses.

If you would like more information or to apply, follow these simple steps: