To many in the field, social work is a calling to change the world. Without passion and drive, it would be hard for us to do what we do.

Because our focus is on diverse populations, there are several different jobs and sectors in which social workers can work. Social work jobs can be found in hospitals, schools, juvenile and adult corrections, domestic violence shelters, and more. Social workers also work in private and public organizations.

Here are other examples of places to find employment:

  • adolescent group homes
  • adoption agencies
  • case management agencies
  • child welfare agencies
  • day care centers
  • developmental centers for persons with disabilities
  • family service agencies
  • food and clothing banks
  • foster care agencies
  • home health care
  • hospitals
  • hospices
  • job training programs
  • juvenile and adult corrections
  • mental health centers
  • neighborhood and community centers
  • nursing homes
  • police departments
  • public health agencies
  • public support agencies
  • rehabilitation centers
  • senior services
  • schools
  • shelters for domestic violence victims
  • shelters for the homeless
  • substance abuse agencies
  • youth centers