Your audiology knowledge, skills, and expertise will develop from the following elements of our AuD program:

  • Course work in audiology
  • Course work in related areas, such as psychology, electronics, neuroanatomy, and pharmacology
  • Course work in pre-audiology preparation core areas, such as science, mathematics, social science, business, computer science, and communication disorders
  • Clinical practicum experiences, including a one-year externship; you must complete a total of 1820 clinical clock hours
  • Comprehensive examinations

To complete your AuD degree requirements, you must earn a total of 100 graduate credit hours which includes

  • 73 credit hours of academic course work
  • 18 credit hours of clinical practicum experiences
  • 9 credit hours for a one-year clinical externship

Also, if you did not earn your undergraduate major in pre-audiology or Speech Pathology and Audiology at Ball State, you may need to complete some undergraduate course requirements; credit can be given for equivalent courses already completed.

Typically, any undergraduate course requirements you may need can be integrated into your doctoral program.

Most students complete the AuD program, including any needed undergraduate requirements, in four years.