pride points 2014-15Education. No gift is more valuable to children and  adults alike, nothing more empowering, enriching, and door-opening than a solid, engaging educational experience. Such an experience begins with effective teachers in the classroom but also draws upon the talents of counselors, psychologists, technologists, principals, superintendents, researchers and those involved in curriculum development and special education.

Ball State's Teachers College prepares committed professionals and leaders in all of these areas critical to the educational experience. As our name suggests, we educate the next generation of outstanding classroom teachers. We have been ranked and recognized among the nation’s best at doing just that. But we also excel in building the many disciplines that partner with classroom instruction to prepare the nation's children and adult learners for productive and successful lives.

Video: Discover the impact of Teachers College students and faculty as they make connections locally and globally.

In fact, classroom instruction is just the beginning here. Among the distinguishing features of a Ball State education are its many immersive learning experiences, in which students work on collaborative projects with community partners to make a positive difference. These experiences can be local such as the Schools within the Context of Community program or as far away as orphanages in Malawi, Africa

Students of Teachers College choose from a broad range of majors and minors at both the undergraduate  and graduate levels. Among the undergraduate majors are studies geared toward teachers of specific subjects or grade levels as well as special educationUndergraduate minors range from human development and interpersonal relations, to educational technology, to multicultural education (non-teaching)Transition to Teaching opens the door for those who already have an undergraduate degree and desire to bring their passion to the classroom as a teacher.

Our online offerings continue to be ranked among the nation's best and provide flexibility for those who need to complete a degree while fulfilling work, family, and other commitments.  

Our master’s and doctoral programs build upon these undergraduate areas of study and add numerous other areas of specialization, from administration and superintendency, to clinical mental health counseling, to adult education, public service, and higher education student affairs administration. We’re also one of the first universities in the nation to pilot the Woodrow Wilson Fellows program, which prepares scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to serve in high-need classrooms. The program is so successful that it is expanding.

Our many licensing programs provide credentials in instructional areas, school administration, and school services. Our numerous certificate programs help students reach their professionals goals, expanding upon graduate education in focused areas such as gifted and talented education, charter school leadership, college and university teachingapplied behavior analysis and autism.

We offer a full range of scholarships to support access and student achievement.

Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), we are one of the nation’s most comprehensive educator programs as well as a highly respected and nationally ranked institution focused on related professional areas. We have many distinguished alumni, such as Wendy Robinson, superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools, and chemistry teacher Deanna York, winner of a 2009 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Ball State Teachers College has a long and distinctive history of preparing educators and other professionals. Founded in 1918, it has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and renowned colleges of education in the nation.

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