Many of the best teachers in Indiana (and elsewhere) first learned their craft as Teachers College undergraduates. Our undergraduate programs prepare you for licensure to teach in a wide range of settings, from elementary schools to special education classrooms to special subject classes at various grade levels. Students outside of education also spend time with us, earning minors within educational psychology or guidance services. Our varied graduate programs serve working teachers who want to build upon their skills and expertise, as well as students interested in careers in educational and school psychology, school counseling, adult and community education, and various levels of leadership and administration.

We also serve teachers and others involved in education seeking specialized certification or licensure in a wide range of areas. Our certificate programs include everything from gifted education, college-level teaching, autism, computer education and charter school leadership, to name a few. And our students may earn licensure to teach in dozens of specialized content areas, from business to world languages, or they may choose licensure in administration. We also serve dedicated professionals from other backgrounds who wish to make the transition to teaching

For those needing financial assistance to pursue a Teachers College education, we offer a broad range of scholarships, some open to all students in the college, some geared toward specific majors. The university provides many more scholarship opportunities and other forms of financial assistance; in fact, about four of every five Ball State students receive financial aid.