School Counselor

Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, persons interested in pursuing school counselor licenses must apply to the Graduate School to be admitted to graduate study. After being admitted to graduate study, application must be made to the Department of Counseling Psychology to pursue the master’s degree in counseling psychology (school track). Completion of this master’s degree allows for the recommendation for a school counselor’s license. 

School Psychologist

This license will require a minimum of a master’s degree in school psychology or a related field. The school psychologist license will state “All Schools” under school settings, since the standards ensure that the school psychologist will be well versed in curriculum, pedagogy, and student characteristics of all development levels. 

School Nurse

Graduates of Ball State University with bachelor of science degrees with departmental majors in nursing are eligible for recommendation for this Indiana license upon application in the Office of Teacher Education Services if they present evidence of licensing as registered nurses (RN) in the state of Indiana. A photocopy of the RN license issued by the Health Professions Bureau must accompany their license application materials. The school nurse license will state “All Schools” under school settings on the license.