Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice
Name University Position
Jon Dee Director
Sari Harris Assistant Director
Tara Green
Student Teaching Coordinator
Shelby Harris    Office Coordinator
Mary Hess  Licensing Coordinator 
Katie Flowers Secretary
Jane Thomas Licensing Advisor
Student Teacher Supervisors          
Name Department
Jennifer Auble OTES/CP
Debora Benberry Elementary Education
Susanna Benko English Education
Nancy Borland Elementary Education
Elizabeth Bremigan Math Education
Penny Craig Special Education
Veronica Fife-Demski Elementary Education
Susan Finger Music Education
Kathryn Flatter OTES/CP
Jackie Gruesbeck OTES/CP
Ann Hicks Music Education
Holly Hulligner-Sirken Elementary Education
William Hutton OTES/CP
Don Ester Music Education 
Penny James OTES/CP
Donald Kominowski OTES/CP
Amy Leitze Elementary Education
Dennis Lloyd OTES/CP
Christopher Luke Foreign Language Education
Nancy Melser Elementary Education
Polly Orrick OTES/CP
Sue Paul Health Science
Susan Shirel Music Education
Leslie Souders OTES/CP
Pamela Stigall Family and Consumer Science
Jackie Sydnor Elementary Education
Linda Trippi OTES/CP