The brain’s all-encompassing structures determine the way we all think and act, so knowledge of the brain-behavior relationship and concepts of neuropsychology are essential for those who work in schools and health care systems. Additionally, because of the impact of technology, neuropsychology is one of today’s fastest growing areas of psychological study.

You will want to take a close look at our graduate certificate in neuropsychology whether you’re a student in the psychological sciences, a practicing educator or mental health provider, or someone who just wants to explore the science of human brain function and understand the concepts of neuropsychology. You will learn from faculty who work as practitioners providing services for individuals with neurologic disorders.

Program Description

This 15-credit hour, all-online, graduate-level certificate program covers:

  • the basics of brain-behavior relationships
  • the neurobiology of language acquisition and development
  • advanced topics in neurological disorders and brain dysfunction
  • common brain disorders in adults and children

Courses You Will Take

  • EDPS 629 - Adult Development and Aging
  • EDPS 649 - Fundamentals of Neuropsychology   (Can substitute EDPS 652)
  • EDPS 655 - Child Neurodevelopment   (Can substitute EDPS 656)
  • EDPS 665 - Concepts of Developmental Psycholinguistics   (Can substitute EDPS 669)
  • EDPS 753 - Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology   (Can substitute EDPS 754)

The course sequence takes three semesters and one summer to complete.

  • Course work may be applied toward other degree programs such as the MA in educational psychology. (Please note this program will not lead to licensure, certification, or credentialing as a practicing neuropsychologist.)
  • For students currently enrolled in a master’s degree program, in consultation with your advisor, course work may be used as electives.
  • Credits for certain courses may be used toward continuing education requirements for some professions (please consult your state’s licensing board).

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