The department offers several doctoral cognates (a formally recognized concentration of study, which includes specific courses and/or practica) including neuropsychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, assessment, and research methodology. Other frequent cognates are those in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, sociology, and special education (Applied Behavior Analysis and/or autism). Flexibility is allowed in the development of skills and knowledge within the candidate’s interest area(s). Students will select either two cognate fields consisting of a minimum of 15 hours each or a single cognate field consisting of a minimum of 24 hours. For the 15-hour cognate, 9 hours must be taken at Ball State; 12 hours of the 24-hour cognate must be taken at Ball State. The majority of students complete the single 24-hour cognate. A faculty member from that concentration area must supervise the choice of courses in the cognate and sit as a member of the student’s doctoral dissertation committee.