Minor in the Psychology of Human Development

If you are studying the social, family, health and life sciences as well the liberal arts and education, understanding human developmental processes can be very useful. A minor in human development provides you with the opportunity to learn about physical, social, cognitive and emotional development across the lifespan. 

The minor requires 18 hours (6 classes) of coursework. Twelve hours (or 4 classes) must be taken from a list of required courses. Six hours (or 2 classes) may be taken from the core courses or from a list of optional courses.

Minor and License in Gifted and Talented Education

A minor in gifted and talented education provides you with an opportunity to increase your expertise in the characteristics of gifted students and will help you design instructional programs and services to suit their needs.

You will learn about the identification of gifted students and the evaluation of students and programs. You will also learn how to design curriculum and gain a deeper understanding of the social and emotional needs of gifted students.

Which program should you choose? The programs are identical and can be used by teacher education student to apply for an add-on license when you graduate. If you are not a teacher education student then you can declare the minor in gifted and talented education to show enhanced training in working with high ability children. Such expertise can be useful to anyone in psychology, criminal justice, social work, health sciences, or any field which involves working with children.