Educational Studies

Master of Arts in Secondary Education


The Master of Arts in Secondary Education provides students with intensive professional preparation in six core areas: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Educational Foundations, Educational Technology, Multicultural Education, as well as Educational Research. The program enables practicing teachers to explore theoretical concepts that relate directly to their instruction to improve instructional effectiveness. To complete the requirements for the degree, students elect four additional courses through which they enhance their knowledge of content or pursue additional course work in the six core areas.

All courses leading to the Master of Arts in Secondary Education are offered via distance education or online. Please click here for FAQs regarding the MA in Secondary Education.

Graduate students without teaching licenses may pursue initial licensure while simultaneously completing requirements for this degree. The Ball State University Professional Development Schools Network is dedicated to the Holmes Partnership goals; high quality professional preparation; simultaneous renewal; equity, diversity, and cultural competence; scholarly inquiry; and policy initiation.

Students seeking initial licensure must request a transcript analysis of their undergraduate program through the Office of Teacher Education Services before being accepted to the program. International students must apply through the Rinker Center for International Programs.

For more information, contact Dr. Jill Bradley-Levine

Students from Other States

If you live in a state other than Indiana, this information regarding state regulatory authorizations for distance programs might impact whether you can take courses from Ball State.