The Department of Elementary Education at Ball State University offers two degree programs at the doctoral level: the Ed. D. in Elementary

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Education and the Ph. D. in Elementary Education. Each doctoral program helps students to achieve their professional goals. Program activities may include in-service training, research and publication, college teaching, curriculum development, clinical or laboratory work, and graduate courses in the major and related subjects.

Doctoral programs include a minimum of 90 hours of graduate credit with at least 48 hours completed at Ball State University. Each program requires a major, dissertation, and one or two cognates. Candidates are expected to begin doctoral work within two years of acceptance to the program.

The Doctor of Education in Elementary Education offers advanced development for public school professionals and others who seek future leadership and service to the profession. The program includes a theoretical base as well as a research design and methodology component.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Elementary Education is designed for graduate students who are interested in a career as a college or university professor. The program includes collaboration with faculty and builds familiarity with university resources and operation. A cognate of 15 or 24 hours in research is required for the Doctor of Philosophy.

To be considered:

  1. Applicants must first meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School.
  2. Applicants must also hold master's degrees from accredited colleges or universities with grade-point averages of at least 3.2 on a scale of 4.0, have achieved acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examination; submit autobiographies, philosophies of education statements, and five references; have two or more years of successful teaching or appropriate professional experience; and be recommended by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Elementary Education.

Strengths of Our Program:
1) Challenging courses that offer in-depth knowledge in area of interest
2) Accomplished faculty with National and International recognition
3) Small class size that allows for careful mentoring of individual students
4) Excellent student-faculty interaction
5) Availability of Graduate Assistantships in your area of interest
6) Opportunities to work in Professional Development Schools
7) Opportunities to teach at the college level
8) Opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research
9) Excellent resources for doctoral students (e.g., technology, grants to support graduate work)
10) Flexibility within the doctoral program to meet individual goals
11) Excellent camaraderie and collaboration among students

What are our recent graduates doing?
Most of our graduates are teaching at the college/university level.  Others are in leadership positions such as administrators, policy makers, and education specialists. 

Frequently asked questions?
How many hours are required to complete the doctoral program?
Generally, a minimum of 90  hours beyond the baccalaureate.

Will coursework from my previously completed graduate classes count towards the 90 hours required in the doctoral program?
Graduate courses completed in the last 10 years may be considered.

What are the residency requirements?
     The Ph.D. requires that students complete 15  hours of course work within an academic year (fall/spring).  The Ed.D. requires that students complete 15 hours of coursework within a calendar year.

How soon should I apply?
     In order to register for Fall classes, students need to be admitted to the doctoral program by the middle of July.  For Spring classes, admission should be completed by December 1.

How long do I have to complete the program?
Seven years is the maximum amount of time that students have to complete a doctorate.  Upon the recommendation of the department chairperson and with the approval of the graduate dean, an extension of one additional year may be approved. 

How many courses are offered through distance learning sites?  
It is possible to take some gradate courses via distance learning (e.g., satellite TV and internet courses).  However, most of the graduate courses for the doctoral program are offered on campus.

What is a cognate?
     The cognate is an area of specialty within the doctoral program.  Either two 15 hour cognates or one 24 hour cognate is required.  The Ph.D. requires a research cognate of either 15 or 24 hours. 

How do I apply for a teaching/research assistantship?
Students interested in an assistantship should write a letter to the department chair.