Concentration and Specialization Areas

From complex mathematical equations to recognizing great works of art, Elementary and Early Childhood teachers must have a wide background of knowledge.  Our majors will also have deeper knowledge in a particular area of interest through choosing a concentration area.  It is recommended that you consult with your advisor and other professionals when making a decision on your concentration area.  You may also consider adding complementary minors, licensure areas, or certificates to further increase your marketability. 

Concentration areas for Elementary Education Majors:

You may also consider adding complementary minors or additional licensure areas to increase your marketability.

English as a Second Language
Kindergarten / Primary
Language Arts
Modern Language
      *Spanish Option 
      *German Option  
      *French Option 
      *Japanese Option 
      *Classical Culture Option 
      *Classic Language
Psychology and Counseling 
State/World Connections
      *Physical Education Option 
      *Nutrition and Family Option

Concentration Area for Early Childhood Majors:
Kindergarten/Primary Education

Additional Licensure Areas:
Elementary Reading
Gifted and Talented Education
Junior High Math
English as a Second Language
Computer Education


Certificate Programs:
Certificate in Early Childhood Administration