Professional Educators Initiative

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The next set of 4-week modules begins Oct. 19.

Ready-Made Professional Improvement Plans

When it’s time to give Indiana teachers the help they need, Ball State is just outside the door of your classrooms.

Perhaps you have teachers who, based on the state’s evaluation standards, fall into the "ineffective" and "needs improvement" categories.

For such teachers, we provide teaching modules that address them as professional educators and address their specific teaching deficiencies.

Among our modules for elementary and secondary teachers, we offer practical solutions for teachers with modules such as: 

  • Maximizing Instructional Time
  • Setting Annual Student Achievement Goals
  • Creating a Classroom Culture of Respect and Collaboration
  • Creating Objective-Driven Lesson Plans and Assessments
  • And many others among our 28 four-week modules

Professional Improvement Plan

For principals and administrators, it’s a ready-made professional improvement plan that can help teachers—and help you in improving their effectiveness.

Our Professional Educators Initiative (PEI) provides numerous benefits to your teachers:

  • Ball State faculty who serve as coaches and mentors and provide individual and immediate feedback
  • Professors who will address your teachers with specific teaching needs through virtual office hours that are convenient to them
  • University commitment to national best-practices in online teaching and learning
  • Assignments designed so teachers can immediately apply new skills and knowledge
  • Online tools that enable your teachers to interact with your professional peers
  • 28 four-week modules divided into elementary and secondary tracks
  • Low cost for individual teachers—only $199 per module. Plus, we offer group pricing for schools and districts.

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If you have questions about the content of the courses, contact Sharon Paulson.

If you have questions about registering, contact Program Coordinator Krista Flynn.

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