Professional Educators Initiative

Secondary Educators Track: Module Offerings

Registration is open for the Oct. 19-Nov. 13 modules for secondary teachers.

Our four-week Professional Educator Initiative modules align with the competencies detailed in Indiana’s teacher evaluation standards.

These courses are especially designed for secondary education teachers. Please note that you should be actively teaching a class or teaching in another type of educational setting to enroll in a module.

    Purposeful Planning Modules

  1. Using Assessment Data to Plan—Covers differentiated instruction based on student learning and outcome data.

  2. Setting Annual Student Achievement Goals—Covers individualized benchmarks in setting achievement goals.

  3. Developing Standards-Based Unit Plans and Assessments—Covers using backward planning and creating assessments in advance.

  4. Creating Objective-Driven Lesson Plans and Assessments—Covers differentiated instruction, and formal and informal formative assessments.

  5. Tracking Student Data and Analyzing Progress—Covers using data to modify lessons on a daily basis and checking for understanding.

  6. Effective Planning Modules

  7. Developing Student Understanding and Mastery of Lesson Objectives—Covers improving student engagement, formative assessments, objective writing, and feedback to students.

  8. Demonstrating and Communicating Content to Students—Covers accurate communication of content, interdisciplinary applications and higher-order questions to make connections, and guided inquiry.

  9. Engaging Students in Academic Content—Covers differentiated instruction and effective use of technology, multiple ways of engaging students.

  10. Checking for Understanding—Covers open-ended questioning, and higher-ordered questions, use of wait time, and formative assessments.

  11. Modifying Instruction—Covers anticipating student misunderstanding, scaffolding techniques, and using data to inform instruction.

  12. Developing Higher Levels of Understanding—Covers lesson accessibility, higher-order questioning, high expectations, and other dispositions.

  13. Maximizing Instructional Time—Covers strategies related to routines, transitions, classroom procedures, student engagement, and classroom management.

  14. Creating a Classroom Culture of Respect and Collaboration—This module’s content relates to classroom management, but assessed through student behaviors.

  15. Setting High Expectations for Academic Success—Covers improving student engagement, formative assessments, objective writing, and feedback to students.

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