Digital Media Minor: Required Courses

Here is a sample schedule along with course descriptions.

Minor in Digital Media, 20 hours

Course Prefix

Course Number

Course Short Title

Credit Hours



Digital Wrld






Snr Capstone



Colloquium (1 or 2)


9 hours from



Msg Design (3)


Inter Design (3)


Image Design (3)


Video Design (3)


Sound Design (3)



20 hours

C or better grades required in each course, except ICOM 499. Application and portfolio review required for admission after completing ICOM 101.

ICOM 101 The Digital World (3 hours)
Learn how digital communication has evolved with this introductory class open to all undergraduates. Explore the positive and negative aspects of a digital world and learn about the types of human interaction made possible through digital media.

ICOM 375 Digital Storytelling (3 hours)
Learn how to distribute digital media stories in this class, which combines all of the areas of study in the minor.

ICOM 495 Senior Capstone (3 hours)
As a senior in this exit course, you will work in groups or individually to create a final digital media design project.

ICOM 499 Colloquium (2 hours)
Attend on-campus presentations and receive credit. Learn and share ideas with professionals and scholars who specialize in various areas of digital communication.

Choose three of the following courses:

ICOM 201 Digital Message Analysis and Design (3 hours)
Study the meaning behind digital communication through this course designed to critique the persuasiveness of digital messages.

ICOM 211 Digital Interactivity Design (3 hours)
Create a video game and collaborate with other students to heighten your understanding of designing for interactivity.

ICOM 212 Digital Image Design (3 hours)
Build an online portfolio while you interpret both effective and ineffective visual communication. This course emphasizes development in digital imaging, techniques, and aesthetics.

ICOM 213 Digital Video Design (3 hours)
Work with digital cameras, computer software, and audio equipment to create your own video in this introduction to digital video production.

ICOM 214 Digital Sound Design (3 hours)
Focus on digital audio in different types of media projects by producing compositions and sound designs suitable for various tasks.

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