All interns are responsible for understanding and complying with the department’s internship policies and requirements. Failure to do so may result in a grade lower than recommended by the supervisor.

You should not commit to work with any potential internship host until you have had a preliminary discussion and approval to do so from the internship coordinator  who will confer with a faculty member in your area of concentration prior to approval.

To be eligible to participate in an internship, you must have fewer than 126 credit hours. An internship will not be granted if you have already completed enough hours without the internship to qualify for graduation.

You must work a certain number of hours to earn academic credit for your internship:

70 hours per term for 1 credit hour
140 hours per term for 2 credit hours
210 hours per term for 3 credit hours
280 hours per term for 4 credit hours
350 hours per term for 5 credit hours
420 hours per term for 6 credit hours.

However, we recommend working just as many hours as you can reasonably put in to demonstrate your competence.

While we encourage you to complete an internship whenever it can best work into your program, also consider completing an internship during your final semester of enrollment. If the internship is successful, you may want to pursue, or be offered, employment with the organization upon graduation.

Credit for the internship must be earned in the term for which you are registered.