1. Review the Department of Telecommunications internship policies, requirements, search strategies, and employer/sponsor expectations.
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with the internship coordinator.
    1. Be sure to bring a copy of your current DAPR and a letter of support for the internship from either your advisor or from a professor in the your option.
    2. At this first meeting, the internship coordinator will confirm your internship eligibility, and the two of you will discuss your personal goals, objectives, preferences, and restrictions. The internship coordinator will give you an internship application.
  3. Contact a prospective employing firm or, with the internship coordinator's assistance, launch a search for an organization, firm, or other employer to provide the experiences you desire. You should not contact more than three prospective intern employers until or unless one or more of them do not offer an internship. The rule is that no more than three employers should be considered active in the search at any given point in time.
  4. Once you find a sponsoring employer and have received verbal acceptance of your internship with the organization, obtain a written description of the duties you will be assigned.
  5. Complete the internship application and return to the internship coordinator along with a current resume. The internship coordinator maintains a file for employers to search for employees from among our graduates.
  6. Be aware that the internship coordinator will e-mail or fax a letter to your internship employer indicating that you have met the university requirements to receive credit for your internship. The letter will request that the employer respond by confirming that you have been accepted as an intern and will be supervised by an individual who will be responsible for your on-site experience.
  7. Upon receipt of the confirmation form from your supervisor, the internship coordinator will submit electronically a permission-to-register form to the Office of Registration. As soon as this form is submitted, you are required to register for your internship—if you fail to register for your internship you will not receive a grade or academic credit for it.
  8. Midway through your internship, the internship coordinator will conduct a formative evaluation, typically by way of an informal telephone call to your supervisor.
  9. One week prior to the end of the semester, the internship coordinator will send your supervisor an evaluation form to complete that requests your supervisor to assign a letter grade to your internship performance; generally, the grade your supervisor assigns will be your final grade for the internship, except in special circumstances.
  10. Finally, you will complete and return a three-page evaluation of the your internship experience to the internship coordinator.