TCOM studentsBelieve it or not, for some students life after Ball State isn’t drastically different. And that’s the goal of the TCOM department. We strive to create programs and opportunities that let you, as a student, do things you’ll be doing in the real world. By the end of your academic career, you’ll have used the professional equipment, worked late nights and weekends, and understand the stress and competition that goes along with this dynamic field. The result—you’ll enter the workforce with confidence and a wealth of experience. Some employers can’t believe how much our grads did as students. We can’t imagine doing it any other way.

As a result, TCOM alumni are taking TV stations, radio stations, media companies, and a number of other industries across the country by storm. They’re doing everything from producing and reporting for TV and radio to lending communications expertise in areas such as business and education to hosting award-winning network late-night TV shows. But it’s not by accident that our graduates are conquering every imaginable field. TCOM alumni are armed with an arsenal of problem-solving and critical thinking skills that not only help them excel in a variety of industries, but also in life.

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