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Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance is a nationally recognized program offering exceptional pre-professional training in a liberal arts setting.  Students have opportunities to study abroad, take workshops with internationally renowned guest artists and industry professionals, and get involved in immersive learning projects with real-world impact.  We prepare talented students from around the country for careers in acting, musical theatre, dance, directing, playwriting, design, stage management, theatre management, technical theatre, dramaturgy, and teaching at the secondary school level.  Our degrees are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre and National Association of Schools of Dance. The following bachelor's degree programs are available:

Major in Theatre, 58–85 hours: You may choose one of six options of specialization:

  • Acting, 85 hours: This bachelor of fine arts (BFA) program will prepare you for an acting career or advanced training at the graduate level. It combines concentrated study in acting/performance with courses in other areas of theatre.  B.F.A. Acting

  • Musical Theatre, 85 hours: This bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree option requires interdisciplinary course work in dance, music, and theatre. Curriculum and performance opportunities will prepare you for a career in musical theatre and/or advanced training at the graduate level. B.F.A. Musical Theatre

  • Design and Technology, 64 hours: This option provides a strong foundation in design or technical theatre for advanced study in a quality graduate program or a career in scenic, lighting, costume, sounds, properties, or make-up design.  B.A./B.S. Design and Technology

  • Directing/Stage Management, 62 hours: This option will prepare you for a professional career in directing, stage management, or admission to a production-oriented master’s degree program. To be admitted to this program, you must successfully complete the freshman year of study within the theatrical studies option (see below).  B.A./B.S. Directing/Stage Management

  • Theatre Education, 37-38 hours: This option will help you earn a secondary education teacher’s license. It provides a broad foundation in performance, theatre design and technology, and theatre history to prepare you for all areas of a high school drama curriculum and production program.  B.A./B.S. Theatre Education

  • Theatrical Studies, 58 hours: This option offers a broad-based study of the theatre discipline if you want to pursue a career in playwriting, management, or theatre history/criticism or graduate study at the master’s or doctoral degree levels.  B.A./B.S. Theatrical Studies

Every theatre major takes classes in acting, stagecraft, directing, and theatre history. Acting and musical theatre students must pass a jury at the end of their freshman, sophomore, and junior years and an exit jury as a senior. Nonperformance students must present a portfolio and/or display examples of their work at the end of each year and pass an
exit portfolio review as a senior.

Major in Dance, 85 hours:

  • This bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree program will prepare you for a career in performance, choreography, or studio teaching, or for advanced training in a quality graduate school or conservatory. It combines concentrated study in dance technique with courses in theatre and several other areas. Advanced course work includes ballet, jazz, modern, tap, musical theatre, and world dance.  Dance majors must pass a jury during their freshman, sophomore, and junior years and an exit interview as a senior. In addition to technique and performance skills, this program develops an understanding of historical, social, and intellectual aspects of the art of dance.  B.F.A. Dance

MinorsThe following minors are available in theatre and dance:

  • Theatre, 20 hours: This minor complements majors in business, education, and English. Take courses in theatre aesthetics, stagecraft, acting, theatre history, and directing.

  • Technical Theatre, 20–21 hours: This minor complements majors in interior design, theatre education, and architecture. Take courses in introductory theatre, stagecraft, costuming, lighting design, and design skills.

    Theatre Minor

Production Opportunities
In addition to intensive classroom instruction from a faculty of working professionals, our diverse production season of 15-20 productions each year provides students with numerous opportunities to work on classic and contemporary plays, musicals, dance pieces, and works that are devised or not textually based. 

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