WPP392, WPP393, and WPP394 have been developed to assess the writing and critical reading and thinking skills of junior-level BSU students. Successful completion of either WPP392 or WPP393 or WPP394 satisfies the Writing Proficiency Requirement for graduation.

WPP392, WPP393, and WPP394 are designed to support the goals of BSU’s Core Curriculum for its junior-level students. Given the current structure of BSU's Undergraduate Core Curriculum, this means the WPP courses are designed to specifically meet the Tier III goal:

  • Transforming Knowledge into Judgment” (K — J) expressed through Writing (W).

The information gathered through these assessment tools is regularly shared with individuals and University groups, such as departments, committees, and offices. Thus, the Program seeks to support the academic and intellectual goals of all BSU baccalaureate students and the faculty and administrators who serve them.


Ball State University’s Writing Proficiency Program offers three ways for baccalaureate students to satisfy the Writing Proficiency requirement: 

Writing Proficiency Exam (WPP392)


Writing Proficiency Course (WPP393)


Writing Proficiency Seminar (WPP394)