Educational Studies

Certificate Program in College and University Teaching

Program Description:

This interdisciplinary Certificate Program is designed for graduate students, adjunct and part time faculty, and others interested in pursuing the knowledge and skills necessary for quality undergraduate and graduate teaching. In addition, students will explore the relationship between teaching, research and service responsibilities as they are manifested in different types of institutions of higher education.

This Certificate Program will fill the ongoing need for improved teaching practices within undergraduate and graduate education and will serve students in an important socialization function into the Professoriate. To this end, the Certificate Program is designed to serve existing graduate degree programs as well as serve the professional development needs of others interested in college and university teaching.

For additional information please contact:

Director of the Certificate Program in College and University Teaching

Dr. Thalia Mulvihill

Department of Educational Studies
Teachers College (TC), Room 805
2000 University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47306-0610

Phone: 765-285-5461
Fax: 765-285-5489