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Schools within the Context of Community


"From the very first day, it was an experience that challenged my perceptions of qualified teaching, what it means to be a community partner, and what it means to be an advocate for my students. I feel comfortable that I can create meaningful relationships as an effective, culturally-responsive educator. That's not something I could have said before participating in an immersive learning experience like this."

-Abby Savage, '13, elementary education

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From the Sidelines: Sports Link student helps bring games to millions


"CBS, ESPN, and Fox College Sports are my clients. It's an impressive list for college students, and it's real world. My Sports Link team produces sports interviews and news packages for national broadcast. We collaborate to write, shoot, and edit all of the content. The immersive experience combines my passions for broadcasting and sports."

-Alex Kartman, '11, telecommunications

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Healthy Choices for Kids: Student team up to fight childhood obesity


"I was immersed with real-world partners as I worked on the Project 18 curriculum. Now my ideas are helping to fight childhood obesity in hundreds of schools and grocery stores across Indiana."

-Janet Kamiri, '10, health education

Watch Janet's chronicles. (Open-caption version)
See Janet featured in our TV commercial. (Open-caption version)

Gateway to Italy's City of Canals: Finance major juggles euros to rethink Venice's transportation hub


"We were thrown together as a team with everyone bringing special skills. It was a new experience for most of us, but I believe it made each of us more well rounded and prepared us for the job market. It certainly opened my eyes about how teams work together and the types of problems you may encounter when working on an international project."

-Kyle Bushey, '11, finance

Listening to Art: New media enhance experience and access to David Owsley Museum of Art


"In a traditional classroom, you come to class, take your notes, and get your grade. With an immersive learning course, it's rewarding to know you have something to look forward to--this finished project you're turning over to the community--that's more than a seven-page paper you'd turn in to your professor."

-Michelle Manzo (right), '11, telecommunications

Find a Project

We are eager to help students and faculty prepare for and engage in an immersive learning project that blends your interests and educational focus with societal needs. Building Better Communities (BBC) and the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry work to connect faculty and students with community partners ready to participate in immersive learning opportunities. Departments also generate projects, so contact your academic advisor or department to learn more about upcoming projects in your area. Immersive learning opportunities are also posted on the Ball State Communications Center under the Immersive Learning category.