Political scientists study the political behavior of people, groups, and nations in an effort to understand why they behave as they do. Political scientists also attempt to predict what people, groups, and nations will do next and suggest how they might behave in the future.

The Department of Political Science offers comprehensive programs that will prepare you for your career. In addition, each year the department hosts the Bowen Institute of Political Participation, which is designed to improve the participatory skills of citizens.

Political science graduates work in federal, state, and local government; law; politics as candidates and campaign consultants; foreign service as diplomats or economic or technical experts; and public information. New fields opening up for graduates include urban and regional planning, environmental control, criminal justice and corrections, law enforcement, and paralegal work.


The Department of Political Science offers the following programs:

  • Major in Political Science
    This major includes options in political science, economics, and international studies. You’ll be prepared for entry-level jobs in political science or for admission to graduate school.
  • Pre-law <link to Pre-law article>
    The pre-law program provides a solid background in social sciences, humanities, and business-related courses that will prepare you for law school.
  • Major in Legal Studies <link to Legal Studies article>
    Approved by the American Bar Association, this program will prepare you to work as a paralegal or legal assistant.

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