Concerned Charlie

Concerned Charlie is here to answer questions from Ball State students about school, relationships, personal issues, or just about life in general. If you choose to Ask Charlie a question, you will be prompted to enter your Ball State username and password.

The questions and their answers will be published at this Web site and are therefore available for anyone to see. However, the identity of the person submitting the question will remain completely anonymous. Please keep in mind when writing your questions that space is limited. Due to time constraints, Charlie cannot answer all questions, but will try to choose questions that are representative of a broad range of issues. If your question has not been answered within a couple of weeks or so, and you would like to discuss it, please contact us or stop by the Counseling Center. Charlie's friends at the Counseling Center will be glad to talk with you.

Please be advised that Concerned Charlie is neither a crisis/emergency service nor an online therapy service. If you are a Ball State student and need either immediate attention or ongoing therapy, call the Counseling Center at 765-285-1736. Calls during regular hours will be taken by reception. Calls made after hours will be referred to the appropriate emergency resource.