What Is Sexual Assault?

  • Sexual assault is any kind of sexual contact against a person's will and without consent. It can be accomplished by direct force, threats of force, manipulation, or trickery. This includes rape, inappropriate touching, or sexual harassment.
  • Lack of consent can occur by saying "no," or if the victim is unable to give consent (i.e. fears for personal safety, intoxicated, etc.) Also age, mental impairment, or incarceration can limit the ability of a person to give consent. Consent is given when capable adults, under no pressure from their partner, affirms they want to engage in a certain behavior. Consent is limited to that behavior only.
  • In the state of Indiana, rape refers to intercourse without consent. Sexual assault refers to a broader range of sexual behaviors including unwanted touching or sexual harassment.

Learn what to do if you've been sexually assaulted. Resources are available, and it might help to know common reactions to sexual assault. 

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